Angela Duncan BHlthSc (ComplMed), BMedRadSc (Nuc Med), Dip HerbMed, ND, MANTA, MNHAA 
Medical Herbalist and Naturopath

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Angela Duncan Naturopath

Located within The Wellness House

Orange NSW

When your health lets you down, when medicine lets you down, when you're emotionally, physically or mentally drained, Orange based naturopath Angela Duncan is here for you. Angela's natural therapies go beyond administering herbal medicine; she'll take the time to properly diagnose your health issues and to establish the right individual treatment plan for you. It's no wonder Angela is the most trusted naturopath in Orange.

Feel better, physically, mentally, emotionally, naturally.

Natural Therapies Succeed Where Western Medicine Fails

If you've never visited a naturopath in Orange, you're not alone. If you feel like western medicine has failed you, you're certainly not alone. At Angela's clinic, most of her clients are looking for a better result from their practitioner. Angela's natural therapies are derived from evidence based research at major universities, so you can trust that your health is in the right hands. Angela's vast experience means she's successfully provided naturopathic support to sufferers of all kinds of physical and emotional ailments including:

· Skin conditions (eczema, acne, psoriasis)

· Stress & anxiety

· Fertility and treatment during pregnancy

· Weight loss

· Heart disease and diabetes

Short term symptoms, long term health – holistic Orange based natural therapies

Angela's approach to alternative medicine involves diagnosing the root of your health issues and creating a sustainable long term health management plan. Don't just treat the symptoms, live well.

What does it cost to visit a Naturopath in Orange?

Alternative medicines in NSW may not be as expensive as you think. Angela Duncan is upfront with her consultation charges and keeps the number of supplements prescribed to a minimum, making it even easier to access the natural health results that you deserve. What does it cost to NOT visit Angela Duncan, Naturopath, Orange?

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