Angela Duncan BHlthSc (ComplMed), BMedRadSc (Nuc Med), Dip HerbMed, ND, MANTA, MNHAA 
Medical Herbalist and Naturopath


Thanks so much for all the information you gave me yesterday - a very educational appointment. Thanks again for the support and holistic advice you give. It means so much to be able to have someone to walk through this with, who actually knows what they are doing. EK 2019

I feel so well after only being on everything again for such a short time, you really know what you are doing when it comes to health and helping people enjoy their health to maximum benefit. Thank God for people like you. 
Tim 2017

I always feel at ease coming to see you - sometimes I go and see a doctor and they don't quite get what I am trying to say but you always do. 
Susan 2017

The tablets you gave me are working wonders and I am now sleeping. 
Penny 2017

I am very happy with how my periods have settled down and are nowhere near as heavy. This makes me a lot happier. 
JE 2015

I cannot explain the relief I have felt since the (leaky gut) treatment and I would not hesitate to recommend you to other people. Your kind, caring approach was a breath of fresh air. I will definitely come and see you again when needed. JS 2015

I am feeling pretty awesome at the moment and just wanted to say thank you. so thank you so much. CM 2013

I like to think of you as my mainstream naturopath - no hocus, pocus but well considered treatments that really do work. Big thanks for everything you have done for me. 
Therese 2013

The herbs worked a treat. Thanks mateJim  

I am doing exceptionally well. I have lost a total of 12 kgs and have found a new love for life.
So I am now down in Newcastle. Slowly getting use to the change however I am with out the two integral people of my life! You my wonderful Naturopath and Julia the amazing Lymphatic Drainage Masseuse! 
I am not sure where to find another two here as amazing as you both.
Anyway I will keep in touch via emails to you. I want to thank you for all you have done for me you really have changed my life in more ways than one.
If you could pass on my gratitude to Julia for all she has done for me over the past 6 months. You are both my angels whom I will be grateful forever. R.P. 2011

I write to thank you for the advice and expertise you offered my daughter and I during our visit to you in June.

The treatment you suggested worked perfectly and resulted in an overall improvement in wellbeing, and an end to the issues my daughter has been experiencing for several years now. I believe it was not only your treatment which made a difference to my daughter, but also your kind manner and your obvious expertise in dealing with children, both physically and emotionally.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You have made a big difference to our lives.Kylie, 40, Coffs Harbour

I wish to say thank you so much for fixing up my tummy problems and ridding my body of lots of pains I had for a long time.  It's been such a relief.  Also, by sticking fairly well to your list of foods that you gave me I have lost quite a few pounds, and without it costing me a fortune.  I recommend you to my friends when they have noticed the change in me.  Thanks again. Anne, 2011

Thank you Ange for all the support and advice you gave in preparation for our baby's arrival. By taking on your ideas, I felt incredibly healthy and fit during my pregnancy; and I felt very in tune with my body and baby. With your positive guidance we had a wonderful birth experience. I was well prepared, both physically and mentally. I can't thank you enough for the part you played. It was truly amazing and empowering! N, 2010

I thought everything was very professional and great atmosphere. Bonnie, 2010 

I've seen Angela in order to improve my health and wellbeing. Angela has a very caring nature and is a great listener. She has a holistic approach and treats the "whole" person. I like how Angela tailors her advice to my needs is able to provide practical and realistic suggestions. I have found the advice on lifestyle, diet and herbal medicine particularly helpful. I would happily recommend Angela to anyone that is looking to improve their health and well being. 
J.M. 2010

When I met with Angela to talk about my IBS about a month ago, she made me feel very comfortable and at ease to talk about my personal experience with the syndrome.
Angela is very caring and professional as she goes into a lot of depth about every aspect of your life to determine what may be the cause of your condition.
Angela's consultation was very relaxed and informative. Her recommendations to help me manage my IBS have been extremely effective and has reduced my symptoms dramatically. I feel so much better! 
Eliza 2009 

I recently saw Angela with a range of both physical and general well-being health issues. She took and gave a precise and very observant holistic overview of my health. Angela was very knowledgeable and conscientious about her choice of treatments for me. And I am noticing improvements in my health as a result. Angela has a warm, friendly manner and I have every confidence any future issues will be well treated by her. I hope Coffs Harbour folk make use of her expertise. Judy 2009

For months I was suffering with thrush and couldn't figure out why, I was constantly experimenting with my diet and lifestyle changes that would be beneficial but nothing helped! Out of desperation I sought help from a local doctor but there was nothing they could do.

Finally, I was at my wits end!!! Being a Uni student I was missing out on all the fun stuff that University entails and that really got me down and I was too embarrassed to tell people why I couldn't join them in the social activities!!

My mother suggested that I go see a herbalist, so I jumped straight on the internet and found my saviour...ANGE!!!! She was so easy to talk to and really understood what I was going through; the consultation was very thorough and comfortable which I liked a lot!

Angela adjusted certain things in my lifestyle first and then gave me some herbal tablets that were awesome! I literally felt them working only hours after I took them. My mother lives for herbalism and I was always a bit of a sceptic but after my visit to Angela I could never doubt her herbal remedies.

I strongly recommend Angela to anyone out there who has a problem or just doesn't feel 100% because Angela has helped me get back to my old self and now I'm able to live again! Thank you Ange.
K.I. 2009

I saw Angela for some advice and maintenance for my troubling abdomen discomfort and bloating.  Angela was extremely helpful and very knowledge with western and eastern alternative therapy.  Her collaboration of knowledge and skills made the treatment more effective and suitable to my symptoms.  After one week I am feeling better and symptoms relieved.  Thank you Angela. Mary D. 2009

I saw Angela in a London clinic for colitis; she was very caring and considerate during the consultation and I really felt she wanted the best for me.  She was also very supportive during my follow up appointments.  I would very happily recommend Angela.L.H. 2008

I took my 2 1/2 year old son to see Angela, he was suffering terribly from a chronic cough and a streaming productive cold.  Angela managed to take the case despite a very unhappy little boy she was calm, kind and caring throughout the time we saw her. The cold and cough cleared with the help of the health recommendations Angela gave me for my son.Sue, 2008

After years of suffering from debilitating Endometriosis, I had lost hope of recovery and worried that I might never be able to have children.  Angela was very intuitive and understanding of my chronic condition.  She made me feel very at ease during our sessions and her wealth of knowledge gave me great confidence in the course of treatment she recommended.  Thanks to Angela's help, I have made necessary changes to my lifestyle and my health has never been better!  I am also proud to report that I have a beautiful and healthy baby boy.C.L. 2008 


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